My Fashion Inspirations

This blog post is dedicated to the TV characters and actresses that have come to influence my style over the years.


A couple months ago, I tweeted out: “Lemon Breeland will forever be my fashion inspiration” and it’s still true. Lemon Breeland, a character from the TV show Hart of Dixie, is the epitome of what I want my style to be: classy, sophisticated, and a little edgy.

Here are my favorite looks of hers from past episodes. Her style evolved A LOT from season one, where she wore hoop skirts and blouses that looked straight out of the 1950s. But as her character matured, so did her style. In season four (my favorite), her style became more modern and daring.

I LOVE THIS LOOK. She just pulls everything together, from her handbag to her earrings to her hair. I also love the subtle light color scheme and the sleeves of her blouse. If I saw each piece clothing separately at the mall, I wouldn’t think of buying it, but Lemon Breeland is proof that you just need to know how to style your wardrobe!

Another one of my favs, just because it’s so simple but looks so great. For some reason, I just love the dark blue/white “sailor” color scheme! This paired with some gold earrings and bold red lipstick is the right amount of color pop for the outfit. I also LOVE high-waisted shorts/pants/jeans—after going high-waisted, I don’t know how I survived wearing regular waisted jeans for so long!

Okay, I’m going to need this halter top and sunglasses ASAP. The heart-shaped neckline on the cropped shirt makes it the perfect top to stay cool and chic in during hot California summers! And the sunglasses just give me an old Hollywood vibe that I love.


I still remember watching Victoria Justice on Zoey 101 and Victorious, some of my favorite childhood shows. Besides her acting, I think she might be remembered for her killer street style. Here are three of her coolest looks:

Not gonna lie, I’ve tried to copy this look many times, but Victoria Justice makes it look so much more elegant. My favorite thing about this outfit is the color scheme. White with light blue jeans and a tan bag just meshes together perfectly. Plus, the knot puts a twist on the traditional white collared shirt that I love!

I like this outfit because it just takes random wardrobe pieces that everyone probably has and puts them together. A chunky sweater, skinny jeans, thigh high boots, and a long coat/cardigan with a quirky hat is no doubt unique (and very warm!). Knowing how clumsy I am though, I’d probably trip over the oversized coat...

I have a lot of respect for people who can pull off both sophisticated (in the first picture) and edgy outfits. And this outfit is SUPER edgy. I love the skirt since it overlaps, which is different from any denim skirt I’ve ever seen. I even love the scarf she puts around her neck—I have scarves that are similar but never thought of putting them around my neck instead of my head! It pulls the outfit together and clearly, the extra touches and accessories help define an entire look. I can already imagine replicating this outfit...


Sonam Kapoor's style is unmatched. She always takes risks in what she wears and I love that she mixes western and Indian style.

Honestly, Sonam Kapoor owns the high-fashion street style game. I love red, I love turtlenecks, and I love dresses. This combines it ALL! Plus, with a sleek high bun, she looks like she belongs in Paris.

I think we can agree that the cut on the back of the dress is the best part. It makes a simple dress look SO much better. Also, I’m a killer for a good pop of color. The yellow high heels and the collar are just small subtleties that make me like this look so much more. Can somebody tailor this for me?!

These are my three inspirations that are all over my Pinterest! Whose style do you admire most?


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